Željko Joksimović - Dođi sutra (English translation)

English translation

Come tomorrow

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Why do you trust me, in me wine is flowing
sweet words that's the voice of wine
what you see in my eye
others have told you already
and you came and run over the word
Why do you trust me
like you know everything about me
you are not little, lips cheat
and cheat to give them your heart
and after is late
Come tomorrow when wine lapse
come tomorrow when truth starts
maybe i am another man when morning dawns
and i am not a man for you
Come tomorrow, tonight mind is shorter
come tomorrow when heads become cold
cause maybe someone else is better than me
and i am not a man for you
Why do you believe me
when tonight everything is easy
light wine says I love you
that words you don't deserve
and so please
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Dođi sutra