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Dodo, Kindje, Do (English translation)

  • Artist: Belgian Children's Songs (Belgische Kinderliedjes / Chansons Enfantines Belges / Belgische Kinderlieder)
  • Song: Dodo, Kindje, Do Album: Flemish Children's Songs
  • Translations: English, Russian

Dodo, Kindje, Do

Dodo, kindje, do, slaap en doe uw oogjes toe.
Je moet niet liggen gapen als je toch niet kan slapen.
Dodo, kindje do.
Submitted by AussieMinecrafterAussieMinecrafter on 2022-10-03
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Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Sleep, baby, sleep, sleep and close your eyes.
You must not lie yawning because then you cannot sleep.
Sleep, baby, sleep.
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Submitted by AussieMinecrafterAussieMinecrafter on 2022-10-03
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