Alex C. - Doktorspiele (English translation)

English translation


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Do you want to be sclave tonight?
Today you're only mine
I want to see the stars with you
And then I'm going to abuse you
I'm electrified by you,
So naively I've seduced you
As I squint at your body
All I think about is Doktorspiele
It'd be so nice if you enjoyed it,
My sexy Doktorspiele.
You're no longer getting off my mind
Totally confused, I'm melting away
Most of the time you talk about feelings
(While) I dream of something else, I want too much
But please examine me.
But please examine me.
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Author's comments:

I don't know what 'Doktorspiele' actually means, so I've left it in German.



Andrew Dangerously    Wed, 30/04/2014 - 15:50

Doktorspiele means, doctor games or playing doctor.

You know how kids play doctor? Or how adults play doctor for that matter? =p