Dolce Luna (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Dolce Luna 2 translations
  • Translations: English, French

Sweet moon

He walks like an old sailor
He hasn'nt a place to go anymore
The ground under his feet doesn't wait for him
A strange way to dance
His wife has another man
and another woman, he's really a man to throw away
and only a little of sea's dust
remained in the pockets
and he can't testify.
He moves on the rocks like a winter lion
and he can talk for hours
about his fourth world war
He keeps his dinner
in a newspaper's sheet
his girlfriend "long-legged bait"
makes love quite well
and he can't testify.
He saw the Indian sailor
standing up and staggering
with a knfie in his back
between the foam and the polar star
and the Shangai's helmsman
came back to pilot
and he saw him with the ring on the finger
and another ring to steal
but he can't testify.
From the darkness of tango nights "Balla Linda"
to the paralysis of a port,
the clear stars' light
like an upside down shelter
His whale "Sweet Moon"
who is waiting for him on the high seas
Has said so many times
"Love, with whom do you want to forget me?"
and he can't testify
and he can't testify.
And you come tell me
"I want a son on which I can regulate myself"
with two eyes whatever
and the third eye unmistakable and special
and that you don't care
if he will not be able to swim
the important thing is that he has on the right cheek
my desire for the sea
and again you tell me that my name
I really have to give it to him
but I don't know how to testify
I don't know how to testify.
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Dolce Luna

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