Sephardic Folk - No Me Des Kon Revolver (English translation)

Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)

No Me Des Kon Revolver

No me des kon revolver,
Kuando mi ves d'enfrente.
I ni mi serres el bajur,
Kuando mi ves kon djente.
M'arripinti k'izi l'amor,
Kon una kriatura;
Eya me desho kon la dolor,
Por mi negra ventura.
Partir kero d'esta sivdad,
Mas arriva di Sofia.
Ayi vo ir a espozar,
Ke ay ninyas ermozas.
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English translation

Don't leave me with a revolver

Don't leave me with a revolver1,
when I stand before you,
and don't close the blinds,
when you see me with others.
I regret falling in love,
with such a young girl,
she left me with pain,
because I'm so unfortunate.
I want to leave this city,
far away from Sofia.
There I will be wed,
there are beautiful girls there.
  • 1. kind of strange the word 'revolver' wasn't translated.
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