To in donya (English translation)

  • Artist: Ali Zibaei (Takta) (علی زیبایی - تکتا)
  • Featuring artist: Niksun
  • Song: To in donya
  • Translations: English
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In This World! !تو این دنیا

I hoped that in this world,
You would take my hands,
You wouldn't be afraid of my feeling,
You wouldn't say you are fed up with my look,
I hoped that in this world,
There is somebody who understands my words,
There is somebody like me with me,
Who understands my dreams,
I hoped that in this world,
You wouldn't let me alone,
You wouldn't leave someday without telling it to me,
You would't tread on my heart,
I hoped that you would know, my heart is alone and sad,
And the sorrow of missing you,
Is as heavy as a mountain,
I hoped that you wouldn't like to see my eyes wet,
You wouldn't lose so easily the heart that I had given it to you.
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Translator: Nader Foyoozat


To in donya

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