Dormir comme un loir

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Dormir comme un loir (French) — Dormir profondément

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Translations of "Dormir comme un loir"

EnglishSleep like a dog
FrenchDormir à poings fermés
FrenchDormir comme un bébé
GermanSchlafen wie ein Dachs
ItalianDormire come un ghiro

"Dormir comme un loir" in lyrics

In Greek mythology, Pheme (Greek: Φήμη, Roman equivalent: Fama) was the personification of fame and renown, her favour being fame, her wrath being scandalous rumors.[/fn] I lived apart from the public eye
Serene, contemplative, sombre, bucolic... [fn]Bucolic- Brassens saw himself at home in a pastoral setting in his song “Auprès de mon arbre”. (The adjective ‘bucolic’ is derived from the Greek word for herdsmen). By using this adjective, he reminds us that his attitude has a long, honourable tradition dating back to the poets of Greece and Rome.[/fn]
Refusing to hand over the ransom asked for fame
On my sprig of laurel I would sleep dormouse like [fn]Je dormais comme un loir. There are two expressions based on “sleeping” in this line. Dormir comme un loir= to sleep like a dormouse. “S’endormir sur ses lauriers” to rest on one’s laurels.[/fn]
People of good counsel were able to make me see
That to the man in the street, I had some debts to pay

Georges Brassens - The trumpets of Fame

de se regarder comme des chiens de faïence.
Après tout, revenons à nos moutons:
vous avez maintenant une faim de loup,
l'envie de dormir comme un loir
et surtout vous avez d'autres chats à fouetter.

Jean d'Ormesson - Le français une langue animale... une perle !