On the down low

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On the down low (English) — Also down-low.
It refers to any activity or relationship kept discreet, covert. Keeping an act, action, sexual relations or some other piece of information a secret. Slang.

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Translations of "On the down low"

Englishon the sly
French(Faire quelque chose) en douce
Russianтихой сапой

"On the down low" in lyrics

Now your girls all wanna fuck
Girl you could've been the one
Now gotta change my number twice a month
When you could have simply kept me on the down low

I'm so wrong, I'm so wrong

The Weeknd - Twenty Eight

Maybe we could take it back to basics
Just a paper and a pen
Tape it to my window
Keep it on the down low
So I can find it in the end

Martina Stoessel - Handwritten

If we should ever do this right,
I'm never gonna let you down,
Oh I'll never let you down,
We'll keep it on the down low
And I'll keep you around so I'll know,
That I'll never let you down,

Ed Sheeran - Grade 8

I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect due
To the man that's made a difference in my world
And although most men are ho's he flows on the down low
Cuz I never heard about him with another girl
But I don't sweat it because it's just pathetic

Salt-N-Pepa - Whatta Man

I never really learned to drive oh nooooo
That was totally rude
Who are you? paternity suit? I'm screwed
Lets keep this on the down low, baby
Hello Hello How do you make the phone call someone back?
What would Aqua man do in this situation?

The Key of Awesome - Mistletoe (Parody)

Gotta keep it on the down low
I'll never let my mama know
Only call him on my cell phone
Only see him after dark
I met him on the 6 train
Just the way he said my name

Rihanna - There's A Thug In My Life

Silverado, candy painted,
Ray Bans, got the whole world shaded.
Chrome piece tucked in the console.
Riding high, roll up on the down low.

Florida Georgia Line - Get Your Shine On

He has no clue you're on the edge of my bed naked
Normally I don't roll with a married woman
And if anyone should ask you're not even my friend
I get it, we should keep it on the down low
But if I was a wise man now I would tell you to go

Vild $mith - It Didn't Happen

Silhouettes to the moonlight
As we kiss on the beach of Sorrento
Checking into the hotel
Mini bar on the down-low
Sign it off to the business
Get set feel this foreign affair

Client Liaison - A Foreign Affair

I got you to myself
I’m keeping it on the down low
My lips will never tell
I’ll go where you want me to go

Jane XØ - Dreams

I'm going mad over you
(Mad over, mad over you)

On the down low
I've been loving Eminado
Tangu enzi za maziwa ya nyayo

Sauti Sol - Girl Next Door

When I think of you
My heart, it tells me to
Just keep it on the down low
And never, ever let you know
I think of you

Morgan Page - Think of You

Snitches get stitches, shout out to Lilo [fn] reference to Lilo & Stitch, an American TV show [/fn]
Fuck cocaine, my cock's like a kilo [fn] a kilogram, a common unit for measuring quantities of drugs [/fn]
And you know I be stacking mo' dough than Phyllo [fn] also spelled "Filo" is a type of thin dough used for pastries or Mediterranean cooking [/fn]
Your momma sucked my dick, tell her, Keep it on the d-low [fn] to keep something on the down low means to keep something quiet or a secret [/fn]
I keep it underground, you're commercial like Vevo [fn] a music video website [/fn]

Three Loco - Neato

I know it's hard to bear
Hiding everywhere
Trying to forget
Keeping it on the down-low

I wish we'd skip a beat

Royal Blood - Don't Tell

My father said: "What's this all about?
Don't you get involved with that boy!
And even though it was on the down low
He rode so wonderfully
At night with me on his crotch rocket

Die Crazy Girls - Crotch Rocket