Voskresenie - Po Doroge Razocharovanij | По дороге разочарований (English translation)

English translation

Down The Road of Bitter Disappointments

Down the road of bitter disappointments
I will go spellbound once again.
My mind's full of noble undertakings,
Yet the heart feels new misfortune's pain.
Why am I afflicted so intensely
By the voice that calls me from the dark?
My path and my life have not been passed yet,
Is your path the right one to embark?
Either you are stared at by the darkness,
Or the silence hides a scream on hand.
Where should we look for you, the lost one?
When you look back - you are an old man.
Down the road of bleary motivations,
From the land of ignorant assholes
Long's the path of my reincarnations
To veiled land of disappointed hopes.
I threw off the shackles, straightened shoulders,
Proudly commanded self to fly.
If you cross my path when you get older,
That means you may kiss your luck good-bye.
I can hear the voices, always right ones,
And I get so scared to hear the truth.
Morning dew exists to lie on grasses,
By the dawn you'll fade away with dew.
Down the road of morning revelations,
Past the spring of bitter maidens' tears,
By the graveyard of great hesitations
I'll step on steep desperation cliff.
In the wind, at odds with fate arcane,
In the secret hour of set appointments
I will go spellbound once again
Down the road of bitter disappointments.
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Author's comments:

Equirhythmic poetic translation of the original performance of the classic song.


Po Doroge Razocharovanij | По дороге разочарований