Bushido - Dreckstück (explizit) (English translation)

English translation

Dirt Bag (explicit)

[Mailbox:] Hey you retard,
do you think you can
treat me like that
you wanker, you freak, Dude? °
Who do you think you are, man?
Are you even dealing
with your life, or what?
Hey, you wanna know what, you jack off,
you can kiss my ass so hard ¹
Yeah, I swear
when I see you next time
I promise you; get outta here Dawg, ²
run as far as you can, dude
otherwise, I’ll destroy you!
Hey, yo, fuck it!
I’ll take my Cordon and get the fuck outta here ³
The bitch’s fuckin’ with my head
I can’t be together
with her anymore
I’m goin’ outside and
I’m headin’ her way
I’ve been fighting the whole day
I’m late because of her
It’s raining outside and
not getting wet doesn’t work
It seems to me that the ⁴
whole fuckin’ world’s against me
I’m sittin’ at the bus station and
I’ve got to go back out in the rain,
back out into my life
Fler: What’s up with you?
I’ve been here since 7:30
I’ve called you three times,
and you don’t pick up once ⁵
I’m standing in the rain
Why are you late now, you moron?
Bushido: I needed to talk to her
‘cause she’s losin’ it again ⁶
Fler: What’s happened?
Bushido: Aw shit, I exploded,
the whore’s going to parties and
thinks I don’t care –
Fler: go clarify the shit,
my car’s at the roundabout ⁷
Bushido: I know the way from here
Fler: Just tell me what the street is called
Bushido, chill out, it’s okay,
you’ll see she’s just pretending
to be mad and
the next day, everything’s better
She needs the freedom,
the parties, and the high life
Give her a chance;
you’ll see that it will stay that way
She’s looking for a compromise
and believes in you and the two of you
think about what tomorrow is;
not about today and
the shit that went down
She’ll be back soon, laying arm in arm
in her bed be at home
Shut your mind off and deal with it
Bushido: Man, you’re right
At the moment, I’m not doing well at all,
but if she wouldn’t even be here
I think I’d have really bad luck
She means too much to me; I can’t live
without her
She’s just a woman,
but too much of me is attached to her
Hit the gas. I want to clear this up
It wasn’t my day today
and you should learn from your mistakes
I’m gonna tell her ⁸
now and not just whenever!
Drive up until the entrance
Okay, good; stop
Fler: That what I see’s enough
How strong can that feeling be
when you know she’s duped you?
I’ll kick her door in
from across the hall
We’re standing in her room
I see her lying in bed
with some sort of nutcase
Which one of you two freaks
wants to con me now?
Bushido: Quit talking
‘cause there’s nothing more to say
I’ll grab that toy in her bed ⁹
and punch him against every wall
I’m about freakin’ out
I’ll tear into you up like a saw blade
You’re fuckin’ the broad ¹⁰
You just come in and think
everything’s cool,
that it’ll be one wicked one-night stand , ¹¹
but you thought wrong!
The wrong time, the wrong place,
and that what you’ll see
before you die is my Cordon Sport
I’ll kick him out of the room
into the hallway; he’s cryin’
tryin’ to get up quick,
but I’m stayin’ stubborn and shout:
you thought everything tonight would go down
as cool as you wanted
and not that I stopped by and
killed you after you fucked her
Do you know this feeling
when your girlfriend’s now
lying in her bed and
you see another guy is there?
I’m tellin’ you to kill him, the broad too,
From now on you know that
this bitch’s fuckin’ you over anyway!
You pay the price!
In the end, everyone will see
that you’re fuckin’ the wrong woman,
then someone takes your life away
Fler: As you sit on your bed
half naked, you bitch,
I knew you were that way
and you fuck every dirt bag
because you’re a woman
and they fuck you in your stomach
That doesn’t mean that I won’t beat you
until you’re blue
if that’s what you wanted all along
You got it today
you whore, you fucked my pride
I despise you
and everything for which you now stand
Everything you are is a lie
in which you live, bitch!
You’ll never again say
that you’re staying with relatives
From now on, it doesn’t matter
if you don’t agree with me
Actually, I’d only come
to tell you
that everything will be okay again
and to tell you I understand you
[x 2:]
No matter who you trust
you know that it will be abused
No matter how many people you run across ¹²
they all fall short ¹³
No matter how often I thought
that we both loved each other,
I’ll see you in hell, girl;
Rest in Peace!
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Author's comments:

° wanker = someone who masturbates.
¹ so krass = so blatantly. “So hard” is usually said in English
thanks to the phrase “that sucks so hard…”
² Dawg = dog, man, dude. Outta = out of
³ Cordon = Cordon Sport, hip-hop streetwear brand.
⁴ straight translation: mir kommt es vor als wär...
= it seems to me as if the…
⁵ straight translation: du gehst nicht einmal ran =
you don’t answer your phone once.
“Pick up” means to “pick up” the telephone (to answer it).
⁶ am Zeiger dreht = spinnen = to freak out, to lose it, to go crazy.
⁷ Wendekreis = roundabout, traffic circle;
picture: http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist1/roundabouts/
⁸ gonna = going to
⁹ Toy = A graffiti artist’s term for a novice.
¹⁰ broad = woman
¹¹ geil = awesome = wicked
¹² run across = meet, run into, come across, (find someone).
¹³ Rauch“ is a reference to the German phrase:
sich in Rauch auflösen.
English = it comes to nothing = it will collapse,
fall through, fall short (of your expectations),
die, end (in disappointment).

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Dreckstück (explizit)