Drogué (English translation)

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[verse 1] They are sick they are all bolutté,the good life gola burnt the invited ones,that makes me giggle,the money coocked 'em,they walk like the druged ones,they'll burn everythin' at the corner,she plan to climb inside the AMG,if you lack money you can only ask for it [pre chorus] where are they they're dead,they smork they still shoot,she told him to help my love,am realy druged [chorus] druged they're all druged 'till la muerte [verse 2] where i die the effects of money for once she's my sister,you risks on my life is touched like the ball in the heart,you take my medicine you crush in time,oh la la you still want it,oh la la am localised,oh la la they're all druged,oh la la [repeat pre chorus + chorus] [verse 3] all these caos nakamura had druged 'em,they spend,they're useless to the sale not in need of inventing i got enough money for me to talk my love,too much money,rose life,they're bad but they're? [repeat chorus]

Lyrics texed by Tailblazer the original lyrist, the music afisunado and the fayablip

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