drop dead gorgeous

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drop dead gorgeous (English) — hayranlık uyandırıcı kişi veya şey

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"drop dead gorgeous" in lyrics

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

I don't get 'cute', I get drop dead gorgeous

Alyssa Edwards - Drop Dead Gorgeous (B. Ames Mix)

We must cut it

Near you, I'm lonely
Because you are drop-dead gorgeous
We let ourselves fall in love
I want to let tonight pass by with you

OOMPH! - As If it Were the Last Time

We arrange to go out for a drink at a bar
Shes already there when I arrive and she looks the part
Even more stunning than I remember, fuck it, drop dead gorgeous
Her ass is tight and her breasts are bloody enormous

Plan B (UK) - Charmaine

I should’ve cleaned the skeletons from my closet
Drivin’ to my apocalypse with 400 horses

Drop dead gorgeous – unfair advantage
You deserve an Emmy award for all your antics
Caught up in a battle of curse word semantics

Ryan Leslie - Joan of Arc

Cause I’m so lazy that it hurts.

There’s a blonde girl next door,
She’s a drop dead gorgeous,
She keeps inviting me to her place
For a cup of coffee,

Trupa Desperado - Laziness

United not divided won't get cast away
They say go run and hide
But I just gotta say
We're drop dead gorgeous each and every day

The clock is striking 13

Madison Beer - We Are Monster High

Is the moon really there when no one looks up at the sky at night?
Did I really kill the child?
Philosophical questions
Only my drop dead gorgeous car
Bears the trace
Oh the guy on the hood is just sleeping

Alligatoah - Hit and Run

I practice my lines in the mirror
Then you smile, that's my killer
So I say "love you" and "baby, I need you"
Cause you're drop dead gorgeous
And Cupid ain't coming to warn us

Little Mix - F.U.

The Night of the loving dead

Dressing sharp, au naturel
Looking drop dead gorgeous
Sins of the rotten flesh for you to hold

Lordi - The Night of the Loving Dead

Find out where you stay, and act like we found some oil, nigga
Out of duct tape so when he prayin', I ignore the nigga
All I gotta say is sayonara, nigga
Drop dead gorgeous but the bitch ain't dyin' for a nigga
Where the real queens at? Shout out Capone and Noreaga
We can shoot it out and see who live to tell the story later

Lil Wayne - Believe Me

And I love it how she's honest
You don't find it nowadays
She's not even drop dead gorgeous
But she kills me anyway

Shawn Mendes - Like This

I have a drop dead gorgeous godmother
Together we drink like swines[fn]Couldn't find anything that could match the Russian coarseness here[/fn] every day
She has loads of booze at home.
When I get bored, I go to my godmother.

What kind of godmother never did it[fn]lit. "never was under the godfather". That's a bit crude, but the popular belief is that you cannot be a proper godmother if you never knew what love is :)[/fn] with the godfather?

Sektor Gaza - Godmother

You think you're so drop dead gorgeous
With your dirty blond goatee,
The cowboy boots and tassels?
With your friends around
You act with me like Pancho Villa
And you tease that my French accent is a "killer"...

Mireille Mathieu - See You Baby, Sorry...

And I love it how she’s honest
You don’t find that nowadays
She’s not even drop dead gorgeous
But she kills me anyway

Shawn Mendes - Like thus

Oh no, you're introducing her to me
I already know who she is
And yeah, she's drop-dead gorgeous

Please excuse me if I'm not

Ilinca Băcilă - Friends

(K) Did he ever said sorry to you?
(L) For not putting away his underpants
(K) And did he say you were drop dead gorgeous?
(L) Does it count if it was the alcohol speaking?
(K) Did he introduce you to his parents?

Leïla Huissoud - We've known each other for so long