drunk as a skunk

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Idiomatic translations of "drunk as a skunk"

Пьяный в стельку.

Meanings of "drunk as a skunk"


to be very drunk.

Explained by Konstantin Mironov on Sun, 02/12/2018 - 20:52
Explained by Konstantin Mironov
The word skunk is only for rhyming purposes. It is not an actual comparison to a skunk. - BreezyDay 1 week ago

"drunk as a skunk" in lyrics

Pitbull - Midnight

Or like Kevin did Britney
Or maybe like Kanye did 50
I'm as drunk as a skunk, high as a hippie
Whole lot of vodka, lil bit of Crippie

Yuri Vizbor - A woman's tale

My daughter is hammering at the piano.
As for my beloved beast,
he lies drunk as a skunk, of course.

Pizza - One of a Kind

You even can call me a hooligan.
And you better call the police right now
Before I got drunk as a skunk, took your girlfriend home with me, and smoked your joint.

Lady Sovereign - Gatheration

Who's reachin', who's getting' what what,
Who's reachin', who's getting' what what what what what...
So that's me drunk as a skunk,
Shouting like some off-key punk,

Mansesteri - Rainbows

You can see rainbows in my eyes

Doors open, drunk as a skunk
Be what you wanna be

Sektor Gaza - Booze up, man!

Vodka costs 100 rubles, that's not a problem,
But, generally, now vodka is water rather than real vodka,
The best option for everyone is getting drunk as a skunk,
If you're drunk, you'll badly see your life. So your life will even be easier!

David Allan Coe - The Fish Aren't Bitin' Today

Turn This Ship Around Boys Before We Run Aground
The Fish Aren't Biting Today Boys Fish Aren't Biting Today
Im Gonna Lay On My Bunk And Get Drunk As A Skunk
Cause The Fish Aren't Biting Today

Alla Pugacheva - Comeback

Why have not you, child of nature, brought with you
Nor thunderstorms or fires?
I guess you got drunk as a skunk from freedom of me,
Without me.