Peter Maffay - Du (English translation)

English translation


In your eyes there is so much that tells me
You are feeling just like me.
You are the girl that belongs to me,
I'm living only for you.
You are everything, that I have in this world,
You are everything I want.
You, only you can understand me.
You, you mustn't leave me.
Since we know each other my life is colourful and pleasant,
and it's pleasant only because of you.
Whatever may happen I'll stay with you,
I'll never let you down.
You- I want to tell you something
which I've never told an other girl before.
I love you, yes I love you -
An I want to always love you
always, always only you.
Wherever I am, Whatever I do,
I have a goal, and this goal
is you, is you, is you.
I can't explain what you are to me,
tell me that I'll never loose you.
I can't live without you anymore,
nothing can separate me from you.
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verrushka.imvu    Mon, 27/05/2013 - 11:53

Sorry but the english translation is very wrong :((

shinobiqueen    Sun, 04/08/2013 - 23:01

Care to explain what's so wrong about this translation??

I admit, after reading through it again, the wording isn't perfect in one or two places, but the translation is still accurate...

SilentRebel83    Sun, 04/08/2013 - 23:16

No offense, but you shouldn't give heed to anyone who hasn't made any major contributions (translations, detailed explanations and corrections, etc. etc.) to the site. Regular smile

Thought I'd offer some assistance of my own:

Block 2; line 1
I know it's necessary in German, but you really don't need a comma in between this line. Believe me, you -- I tend to do the same thing. :bigsmile:

Block 3; line 1
Though it's present in the source, may I suggest using the past variant instead? And also throw in a comma after 'other' --> "Since we KNEW each other, my life is colo(u)rful and pleasant,"

Block 3; line 3
You need a comma after 'happen'

Block 4; line 2
an other --> another

Block 6; line 2
loose --> lose

Apart from a few grammatical errors, I think this translation is great!