Laura Pausini - Due innamorati come noi (English translation)

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Two Sweethearts As We

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A tear drop is falling down
From eyes to the halls
If it is you
Who leaves me alone
Oh, no!
Now I would like
To feel your breath
On me,
A divine shudder
Which you give to me
When you are
The most tender,
A pain inside will be
Until we are on the edge of the world, you and me.
Because you know
Two sweethearts as we
Will never give up
Even when a lie
Will steal from us the dreams and fun.
Two sweethearts as we
Now indivisible,
The same secrets, the same troubles
For us.
Tonight I want you
To consume the heart,
To laugh
And then to make love.
I am screaming to God
That you are mine
And in a moment you will arrive
Inside of me
Till we become one body,
Just you and me.
Because you know
Two sweethearts as we
Will never be divided
Because there is always a magic
Between your soul and mine.
Two sweethearts as we
Now unique,
The same smiles, the same troubles.
We are as a mirror reflection.
Only we
With the wish to feel each other close,
Always we
Till the last breath which you give to me.
Because now
Two sweethearts as we
Will always search for each other
And will never learn
Stay alone, without each other.
The bitch is empty around us,
The sand is on your hair,
Nothing and no one will ever be
In love like we.
Just tell me that you love me
That we will be never changed,
It is all what I would like.
We are the one, only we
And if you look at me, you will see
Two sweethearts as we.
Indivisible now
Only we
Sweethearts as we,
As we...
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Due innamorati come noi

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