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Budi biljka, budi stvar
budi umoran i star
budi divlji, budi loš
šta ću kad te volim još
i gledam ti kroz prste ja
iz dana u dan
ta se greška ponavlja
Reci psovku, reci laž
reci neću, daj što daš
pravi greške, propuste
radi protiv mene sve
jer nakon noći sa tobom
uzet ćeš mi moć
da ja vladam sa sobom
Da ti vjerujem na riječ
mogu samo kad me već
razum ostavi nakon noći ljubavi
da ti vjerujem na dug
mogu još i ovaj put
s tobom sve je uzalud
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Be a plant, be a thing
Be tired and old
Be wild, be bad
What can I do about it, since I still love you
And I give you a pass
Day after day
That mistake is repeated
Say a swear, say a lie
Say you won't, give what you will
Make mistakes, misses
Do everything against me
Because after a night with you
You'll take away my power
To control myself
I can believe your words
Only after my reason
Leaves me after a night of love
I can believe you, putting you in my debt
Just this one more time
With you everything's in vain
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