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Dut Ağacı (English translation)

  • Artist: Barış Manço (Mehmet Barış Manço)
  • Song: Dut Ağacı
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Mulberry Tree

This morning I wandered the streets of the neighborhood where I was born and raised
I wanted to live my childhood this morning
And for a moment I thought I wished today had never happened
I wish yesterday had stayed yesterday
I think that two-story house on the right belonged to Nezahat Hanım
No,no,this must be Yekta's Beys's
Nezahat Hanım's was next to the empty ground plot where we played football
All very well but where is empty ground plot,or broad bean field,where is the stone school?
Who took them,who stole those beautiful memories ftom me
I suddenly saw Uncle Rıza
He was sitting under that mulberry tree again
I ran and hugged his hands,he didn't know at first
Then in the warm hands of Uncle Rıza
I started reliving my chilhood
They used to live on the third floor of the house right across from us
Since she started make-up at age of fourteen
The neighborhood residents didn't see the end of her very well,indeed
They used to say this girl was so tango
She got married and they moved two block away
I asked,if she was like before
She's the same as before,she put on some weight,that's all
Who knows how even being overweight suit her
What would suit her
I didn't like your face_'s color today,Uncle Rıza
Besides,you had lost weight
Of course,nightlife,drinking,smoking you hadn't taken good care of yourself
Bless you,Uncle Rıza
Since he retiring from the general clerk of the Troops
He used to spend day and night under this mulberry tree
He knew the last three grand viziers and
The prime ministers since Republic by heart and had us count,in our chilhood
He asked me,do you still remember
Am I remember?
I that never forgot
She was ware open sandals which tied onto ankle
For some reason,these sandals and her pink blouse with a wide cunt under the arms left a deep impression
I remember,lighting up her first cigarette
How proud I had been,O lord!
How she had been looked into my eyes
I lived with these glance for years
And I slept and woke up with them
Now how know which hands are lighting up her cigarette
But,I had promised under this mulberry tree
The promise always has unkept said Uncle Rıza
They didn't leave a house undestroyed by them,in the neighborhood
The gardens disappeared along with the houses
There's only one mulberry tree left,let them not cut this tree down,at least
Suddently,his eyes sparkled
Truly you!you're go on TV or something he said
Of course they listen to you
On one occassion tell,be on TV and tell point-blank
Let them also not cut down that mulberry tree
Actually if he had been found a cure on his knees,Uncle Rıza even take to Nafua's deputy
But,what the youngsters is for?
I promised Uncle Rıza
I promised,I will not let to cut down mulberry tree
The price of living today without knowing past that came me difficult
I promised for second time in my life to save the future from the right now
I couldn't keep the first one promise but
I promised to keep my second promise
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Dut Ağacı

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