Muazzez Ersoy - Duydum ki unutmussun (English translation)


Duydum ki unutmussun

Duydum ki unutmussun gozlerimin rengini
Yazik olmus o gozlerden sana akan yaslara
Bir zamanlar sevginle ateslenen basimi
Dizlerinin yerine dayasaydim taslara
Hani bendim yedi renk hani tende can idim
Hani gunduz hayalin geceler ruyan idim
Demek ki senin icin ask degil yalan idim
Acirim heder olan o en guzel yillara
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English translation

I heard that you have forgotten

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I heard that you have forgotten the color of my eyes
What a pity to the tears came from those eyes for you
My head that was in flames with your love in past
I would like to lean it on stones instead of you knee
Wasn't I the seven colors, wasn't I the soul in the heart
Wasn't I your illusion during the day, and dream at night
So I was not a love for you but a lie
I feel for my best years that were wasted
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