Dxapahuiini' (English translation)



Dxapahuiini' Shavizende,
ni gule' ndani' yoo' beñe,
hrizá lu gubidxa nda',
yanni hranda xtagabe'ñe'.
Dxapahuiini' binnixquidxe',
ni hriguite tanguyú,
guie'tiiqui, ne guituyánni,
ne hro ndani' bladuyú.
Ba'du' hrini' diidxazá,
luguiaa hrutoo guetahuana,
hrishuuba nisa hra lidxi,
hriguite bidxichihuana'.
Dxapahuiini' shiéñee,
hracané nñaa' guiuutu shuba',
siadó'guie'ru' ma cunduuba',
ne hrugue' bihui nisacuba.
Dxapahuiini' binnixquidxe',
hro gueta deche badiá',
cue' bishoze ne jñaa,
laga cha'ca' cabidxiaa.
Dxapahuiini' nadxiiladxe',
nagueenda zaniisilu',
za'cu' badudxaapa hro',
nayeche' zabánilu'.
Zaculu' bidaaniguie',
hruaalu' ziuu bidaaniro',
zahuilu' bizuudiolán,
ziuyoou' hra cashidxi són.
Zadxe'lu' nguiiu gabi lii
pa zanou' gacalu' sheela,
ti lii nga shunaxhidó'
ini'xcaandabe lu gueela'.
Xtale cuete zacágui
dxi lii guedaichaganou',
zadxaalu' yuze nabani,
zieche' bisho'zo' ne jñoou'.
Dxapahuiini' binnixquidxe',
ma ziaa', sicarú guiaanu',
na' hriguiidxedxiiche' lii,
biiya', guluu xquendabiaanu'.
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English translation

Young Girl

Young girl from Juchitan,
who was born in an adobe house,
who brought down the scorching sun,
with a necklace made of flowers.
Young girl from my homeland,
who plays with clay dolls,
flowers and pumpkins;
and who eats from a clay dish.
Girl, who speaks Zapotec
who sells totopos1 at the market,
who scatters water in her house
and who plays with toy coins2.
Young girl with your bare feet,
who helps her mother grind the corn,
who sweeps very early in the morning,
and feeds watery dough to the pigs.
Young girl from my homeland,
who eats with her parents,
on an tray turned on its back,
while the woodpecker sings.
Beloved young girl,
soon you will mature3,
you'll be a woman
and you'll be happy.
Dressed in a flowery huipil4
the light as your adornment5,
you'll wear skirts with frills6
and you'll dance to the son7
You'll find the man who will ask you
if you'd like to be his wife,
because you're a beautiful goddess,
that he'll dream of through the night8.
There will be a great firework display9
on your wedding day,
you'll be presented with a dowry
and your parents will be happy.
Young girl from my homeland,
I'm leaving, stay spoiled as you are,
I give you a strong embrace
take care, let your mind develop.
  • 1. similar to the tortilla, they are either: round, triangular or flat in shape and are made with corn dough and salt (tortillas aren't prepared with salt, thus the difference).
  • 2. lit. 'has fun with toy coins'. The fake currency a child might play with.
  • 3. lit. 'soon you will grow up'
  • 4. refers to the large arrangement of flowers that are embroidered on the the huipil like the one in the image here.
  • 5. the light is her decoration, a piece of her outfit if that makes any sense.
  • 6. some huipiles are one entire piece or made from the same material, the one described here is two pieces and the very bottom is all frills like the one in this image here. As always, the outfit has variations where the skirt has no frills at the bottom.
  • 7. refers to the Mexican son, traditional Mexican music or dance. For example, the traditional song 'La Sandunga' is both a song and a dance.
  • 8. lit. 'nights'.
  • 9. lit. 'many fireworks will go off/explode'.
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  • Terminology: lit. (literally), lat. (latin term), pr. (pronunciation). @= a/o (for Spanish translations only, @ can be switched from a feminine or masculine perspective.
Submitted by phantasmagoria on Tue, 08/11/2016 - 03:19
Author's comments:

The song is about a man's love for a girl in his hometown, whom he watches grow up and get married. Translation was based on the Spanish one.

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