La Talvera - E ara que la sason s'avança (English translation)

English translation

And Now That the Season Is Changing

A fly on a bicycle
Rode around a cabbage
It encountered a bean1
And gave her a great fart…
Now that the season is changing
It’s not necessary to stay in the county
Let’s go in to the dance
We’ll sing thousands of songs
In the hole of a lock
There was a rhinoceros
That danced the Scottish jig
On four spans of thick thread..
A mouse struggled
To climb up a poplar tree
The whale gave it a head start
By kicking it in the ass.
In a tin of sardines
There lived 130 monkeys
That made rags
Out of rice stalks
A piglet in its pigsty
Was reading the newspaper
It saw the declaration of war
And started to feel sick.
The combat of a cicada
Against a troupe of elephants
Filled the icy sea
With bodies and with blood.
  • 1. This is a pun, as the word also means “a nun.”
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E ara que la sason s'avança

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