Moana (OST) - E Fano Ai Au [How far I'll go] (English translation)


E Fano Ai Au [How far I'll go]

Tūtonu nei au i te fatiraa miti
A tau e a tau, a uiui noa ai nō te aha?
E hema vau i te pii o te moana
Āhani e tamahine maitai au
Auraro i tō metua
Nā te ara tia ra,
Nā te ēa tia
Nā te haerea ra e hoi mai ā vau
I te vāhi mātauhia i tō moemoea
A tae hoi ē
A nānā tō mata i nia i te 'iriātai
Tē pii mai ra aore e ōtia
Ia pūhi te aine e hee ai tōu vaa
Te vai ra te tau
E fano ai au nā te moana
E fano
Hiemateoa e tōu nūnaa ē
E oraraa hau, tē tārava ra te aau
oe ia oraraa e tōu nūnaa
I nia i tōu fenua
Te taata tāna tautai
Raatira tia mau,
Aratai mau ā
E nūnaa tiamā,
E nūnaa hōē
Tē pīnai mai ra tō reo iti e
Oto noa mai
Anapanapa mai ra te ahi mahana
I nia, i te iriātai
Tē pii mai ra iāu,
"Haere mai na, a fano mai"
E tīpae ānei, e tāpae ānei?
A nānā tō mata i nia i te iriātai
E hoe tātou, e hoe tāmau
Ia pūhi te aine e hee ai tōu vaa
E fano ai, nā te moana!
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Tahitian diacritics:
is the stress marker
is the glottal stop
ā ē ī ō ū are the macrons

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English translation

I Will Go [There]

I have been looking right to the smashing sea
For a very long time and I keep wondering why
I will give into the call’s temptation
If only I were a good daughter
Obeying her parents
This is the good track,
This is the good way
Search as I may, I will come back
To the place which my dreams are used to
(To) that place.
My eyes are rising up to the horizon
It calls me, it is endless
When the breeze blows, my canoe will leave
One day
I will go to the ocean
I will go!
My people are really enthusiastic
It is a peaceful life, here the heart is resting
It is like your life, O my people
On this land which is mine
Humankind and its fishing activity
To be a great leader
And a great guide
To be an independent people,
To be a unified people
A little voice resonates in me
I am full of sorrows
The sun's rays are sparkling
On the horizon
It calls me and says :
« Come, come closer »
Will I board, will I make it?
My eyes are rising up to the horizon
We will row, I will take the helm
When the breeze blows, my canoe will leave
I will go to the ocean!
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Translation by Dreamy [via Maeva Williams' French translation]. Many thanks!

Note: Some minor typos and grammatical errors have been corrected.

Requested by Zarina01.

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