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In the Parish of Langonnet

Goodbye, my father, my mother
Goodbye my friends
Goodbye to you, young people
From the parish of Langonnet
I was not given the choice
I had to leave
I was sent to the ocean
Leave my Brittany
I had a lot of grief
By going to do my service
I had left Langonnet
The flower of my youth
I had left at her mother's house
My beloved girlfriend
I was sent to Lorient
And there they put me the coat
My eyes were burning
The wind was high
In the sky there were stars
Which threw me their clarity
If I had been to school
I would have written a letter
To tell all my sorrows
And my greatest misery
The voyages have ended
My time had come
I was back home
My service ended
The nightingale rose
And sang a melody
Find my Brittany
I had arrived in my house
The first one I saw
It was the little servant
And I asked her
To inform my girl
"She's there, in the big room
With youth
Musicians await her
To go to the church "
Hearing this
I was stunned
I ran to the other end of the village
And over there I saw her
You heard, comrades
Here's an opinion:
If you want to be deceived
Go and do your service
And be congratulated
You all, young girls,
To make cocus the boys
Who will serve France
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Breton (Brezhoneg)

E Parrez Langonned

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