Alan Stivell - E-tal ar groaz (English translation)

English translation

Beside the Cross

Beside the cross
In front of the naked Christ of stone,
Seven pine coffins
Passed on the footpath.
Seven pine coffins
Lead by pitiless Death,
Seven coffins of new pine
Have left this village,
Under the freezing showers of winter,
To the parish cemetery.
Seven old women, frail and toothless,
Are dead this winter,
And broken now with them,
In seven thatched cottages in Kêrnevez,
The gold ring, ring of the language
The gold ring that unites
New hearts
Of the children
With the hearts of the old.
Broken is the gold ring,
Broken is the ring,
The marvellous chain
That ties the present
With the remote
The past.
Seven old women are dead,
Seven women that kept with them
Bathed in the tall flames of the hearth
And the language of the ancestors.
Seven timber coffins,
In front of the Christ of stone,
And with them is dried up
A clean spring-head
The white.
In Kêrnevez,
On the green shores of the lake,
Alongside the hazel trees,
No more is it heard now.
The language
Of the Stranger.
In this way sang Jakou Kerloaz,
In front of the naked Christ of stone,
Beside the cross.
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Breton (Brezhoneg)

E-tal ar groaz

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