Ebedeiny (ابعديني) (English translation)


Ebedeiny (ابعديني)

ابعديني من على الدنيا
وخذيني من بلاد الحزن
لبلادك اسير
و ان صفالك بالرضى
وله اسرقيني
واجعلي حبك حياتي ولمصير
انت يلي اسمك الحب الكبير
ياحبيبة قلبي
وروحي وعيني
اول الاحباب انتيي والاخير
لك هدايه احلى ايامي وسنيني
و كل ماتبغي يصير
أجمع النجمات و القمرا بـاديني
لك اخللي الشوق بـايدينك حرير
ما ابي من العمر غيرك
ما ابي غيرك
و لو غيرك كثير
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English translation

Take me Away

Take me away from this world,
away from the lands of sadness,
to your world as a prisoner
It doesn't matter if it's willfully
or if you steal me.
And make your love my life and destiny
You are the one who is called my big love
Oh my heart's darling,
my soul and my eyes
You are the first and last of lovers
My sweetest days and years I gift to you
Just you name it
and all your wishes will come true
I would gather up the stars and the moon with my hands
I'd turn the passion to silk in your hands
I don't want anything in life but you
so you'd make me happy
I don't want but you
Even if there are many out there other than you.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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