Kiko Veneno - Echo de menos (English translation)

English translation

I miss

I miss the messy bed
That orange juice and the open magazines
In the mirror I find your look
There's no kisses in the shower nor hairs, nor anything
Between us a methacrylate wall
Don't let us smell or paw each other
And in the night it's all changes of postures
I find spiderwebs in the sewings
I miss you the same, the same,
as you bothered me before
If you don't realize how much it worths
The world is a nonsense
If you're letting go away
What I loved the most
I miss the crunch of your toasts
To feel by the aisle your scratching cat
I have your smell caught in my shirt
And the red of your lips in my neck
Cry that you have to cry
you'll fill the canteen
with that tear
for what you loved the most
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Echo de menos

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