Édes kisfiam (English translation)

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My sweet little son

You're here with me, as a new hope,
Light replaces the night,
You've lived a minute now, I'm looking at you happily,
I've been waiting for you, my sweet little son.
The old desires takes on again,
While outside, the evening wind hums a song,
All my sadness has disappeared suddenly,
Smile at me, my sweet little son.
A rose garden casts its shadows,
There's nothing more important, than your dreams,
You know no words yet, but so many people
Believe you already, my sweet little son.
I know, it's the same in all of the world,
If a child is born.
Because a child once grows up,
And he may succeed in
Turning tears to laughter,
Turning scorn to love,
And turning enemies into friends.
This is what I feel as I'm looking at you,
The land changes, the whole world does.
You'll never have to cry, you'll live without problems,
You'll be happy, my sweet little son.
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Édes kisfiam

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