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Editorial (English translation)

  • Artist: Official Hige Dandism (Official髭男dism, Higedan)
  • Song: Editorial Album: Editorial
English translationEnglish


I want to tell but I cannot tell.
I’m trying to figure out what this feeling is.
I dare to turn my eyes away from it all the time though.
Because that makes me happier.
It gets fishy when you try to be honest.
This dilemma shut my heart down. I dare to enjoy the inconvenience though.
Because that is more precious for me.
Shoes and socks absorb fatigue, but footprints remain firmly in place.
I want to tell but I can’t tell.
I write down how this feeling have changed here.
I shamefully get pleased that I can’t accurate.
Because that makes me happier.
Ordinary phenomena like sunrise in the morning recall feelings clearly or implicitly.
I write it down here.
I’m glad if you could read it, too.
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