Šako Polumenta - Eh sto nisam sunce (English translation)


Eh sto nisam sunce

Neda mi se da ti nocas
pjesmu odpjevam
da ti pruzim ruke svoje
da ti sebe dam
Ref. 2x
Eh sto nisam sunce
da ti grijem lice
da te jutrom
snenu pokrivam
Eh sto nisam mjesec
da te nocu cuvam
da ti zvijezde
s neba poskidam
Neda mi se da ti bijelo
lice poljubim
da ti pruzim sve sto nisam
pa da poludim
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English translation

Eh why am I not Sun

I am not able tonight
to sing you the song
to give you my arms
to give myself to you
Ref. 2x
Eh why am I not the Sun
to warm your face
in the morning
to cover you while you dream
Eh why am I not the Moon
to guard you at night
stars from the sky
to take down for you
I am not able to kiss
your white face
to give you everything that I didn't
and then to go crazy
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