Subway to Sally - Eisblumen (English translation)

English translation


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The day flees from the city fast
It drinks from the shadows
And reveals its true nature
The puddles already gleam like ice
In the sky a silver streak is shining
The evening turns dew into frost
The bloodnessless on our cheeks makes us as beautiful as angels
They should bend down to their knees
And pray that the moon stays covered
We are like iceflowers, the blossom at the night
We are like iceflowers, much too beautiful for the day
We are like iceflowers, cold and black is our power
Iceflowers blossom at night
The morning turns frost into dew
The day turns everything light and gray
We dress in sadness
But when the day fades away, our time comes
The one who wants to glow, flees from the light
He bravely faces the night
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