Éjszaka (English translation)

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At night

AT NIGHT I set out, I won't wait for others anymore
In the dark alleys the eyes are already glinting
AT NIGHT when the beasts are howling at the moon
They desire only 1 thing, to bathe in your blood
AT NIGHT there is no proof, everybody is a suspect
There's nobody here who shows remorse for their horrible deeds
AT NIGHT, never trust your confidence
Because they're watching you, you feel that you're not safe
The stores are closed but the city is alert
There's nothing that I can't get at night
The streets aren't empty just the fog makes them appear so
You think you aren't being followed but they're on your trail
There's no useful advice how to protect yourself against them
They were born in prison, for them the bars were just decoration
If they act during the day, they're invisible even then
Born criminals or simply just accursed bastards
You have to find out yourself, who to avoid
Or how to mingle with them without being spotted
To survive the day you need to learn some tricks
To be able to differentiate between a real gun and a replica
Whatever happens, you can only count on yourself
Don't let a couple of little pricks disembowel you in Havanna1
If you've still got something to lose, draw strength from that!
If you've courage left, find it, otherwise you'll get shot!
I'll protect you brother, point out the guy who opened his mouth!
There are a few already who received a lesson from TIRPA
Your scalp comes off easy like the shrink wrap from cigarettes
I've told you that you should put your fist in your mouth
You'll become a snitch on Örs square2but you still go everywhere, where there's trouble
And later you'll squeel like a pig in the pigpen
It's a Who knows what? show3 under the street lamps
You should thank God, that I left my hatchet at you mom's place
What could be under the coat? Everyone on the sidewalk makes you shit yourself
So now who mutilated you? Oh you didn't see because of the blindfold
You were walking on thin ice, we told you to watch your steps
So that you don't make a mistake and wake on an operating table
In the night, stress culminates in bodily harm
Screams hurt my ears and weapons tear into them viciously
None of them need a reason to fuck you up
You'll have a couple of wounds, it's cute to believe that you'll survive this
The ones who diss somebody weaker, have a big mouth
The one who wears a tux and smokes a cigar is dangerous!
Even the most cowardly guys grab a gun
But only a few of them will be still in one piece by the morning
The circle of life never stops here, it's the way of the tough guys
If you kill their boss, another one will takes his place!
I smell a rat, the faggots stink from far away
People without loyalty, don't expect pity from anyone!
A sweaty palm slips onto the blade from the handle
Your bodyguard doesn't want trouble, he just slips away quietly
Haha! I enjoy every minute of the interrogation
You get a blood thinner, coagulation is totally unnecessary!
I have a very nice time, thank you for the wonderful evening!
He was messing with the bad ones, that's what lead to the end of the homo
  • 1. I assume he's talking about the infamous Havanna microdistrict in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
  • 2. A public transportation hub in Budapest.
  • 3. It was a talent show (mostly musical) on Hungarian television.
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