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Pongipongi tuʻu te nuanua i sakē
Moʻo teketi mai te fanālua i sakē
E ōmai ai naʻi mātuʻa i sakē
O fehuki pē ko fea ia Lavelua i sakē
Pea tala age leva naua i sakē
E ʻafio i Hahake Lavelua i sakē.
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A rainbow appears 1 in the morning - hurrah!
And a herald 2appears - hurrah!
He brings forth the two men3 - hurrah!
Who asks, "where is Lavelua?" 4 - hurrah!
And the matchmaker tells them, - hurrah!
"Lavelua reigns in the east." 5 - hurrah!
  • 1. tu'u means "to stand (up)"
  • 2. can alternatively mean 'crier' as in a court crier.
  • 3. the men are two French missionaries.
  • 4. Lavelua is the name of the King at the time.
  • 5. Although it literally means 'east', 'hahake' refers to the eastern district of the island.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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