Balqees Fathi - Ekhtartak Enta - اخترتك انت (English translation)

English translation

I Chose You

La la la..
La la la..
Despite the many people who
want to be as close to me as my shadow
I chose you
Once I saw you, I don't know what happened to me
My heart and everything in me become nervous
Because of you
Under, under, under, under
You are putting me under your spell
Your love, your love, your love..
I only breathe your love
With you, with you..
I feel like you've taken my soul with you
Without you, without you..
I don't want my life if it's without you
I'd die, I'd die
If I didn't see him for one night
I'd die, I'd die
In my eyes you are worth the world
And God sees and knows it
oh, my heart
In your love, there are no compromises
Do you understand
or not, my love?
Thrilling, thrilling...
Your beauty is deadly and thrilling
Huge, huge...
Your love in my heart is huge
I get jealous, jealous, jealous..
of everything that is around you
I'd fly, fly..
I'd fly after you towards the sky
I feel like you run in my veins with my blood
And you are all I care about in the world
You are my soul
Oh my heart, when you see him say: God bless him
When he comes and is by my side
Oh my soul
Words, words, words..
My love for him is not just words
A love, a love, a love..
that has reached the heights of the clouds
Perfect, perfect, perfect..
You and I are perfect like that
Just like that, like that, like that..
You are mine, just like that
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Ekhtartak Enta - اخترتك انت

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