Mägo de Oz - El Ángel Caído (English translation)

English translation

The Fallen Angel

[Satan's image is the reflection that Jesus sees when he looks into the mirror. This is the dark side that every men wants to hide.]
If you think I'm just
the reflection of failure, you'll see
how wrong you can be
I've used "your word" very well
I disguised my black soul with your faith
With your servants' help, I've turned Rome into a brothel
My ten heads make love
passing on AIDs, wars and destruction,
and I've been in politics for a while.
If you dream of seeing me fall
in the well of intolerance, you're doing well:
look at what I've turned Jerusalem into,
they come to blows for a crumb of faith.
If you hear the wind say my name,
even if you want to silence it, you won't be able to.
Religions already work for me
the Holy Inquisition, Islamic fundamentalism,
the Jews, various sects, Jehova's witnesses.
I live chained to your skin
And I'm the dark side every man wants to hide
I'm what no one reveals
The streets are the school where I teach how to lose
I live chained to your skin...
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El Ángel Caído

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