Juan Fernando Velasco - El alma en los labios (English translation)

English translation

The soul in the lips

when from our love the fire of passion,
(you ) contemplate extinguished inside your chest my lover , because of
I love the life only for you
the day that you're not here with me
I'll kill myself
Cause my thougth fills of this love
in one happy hour made me slave for you
far away from your eyes, it's sad
like a child dreaming with your lull accent
I'd want to be air To wrap you with kisses
and I'd want to be everything what your hand touch
being your smile even your own breath
to be so closer to your mouth
Pardon me , if I don't have words to tell you the indescribable passion that is devoring me
To express my love ,just remains
tear the chest apart my dear
and in your soft hands leave my beating heart that adores you -
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El alma en los labios

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