Almafuerte - El amasijo de un gran sueño (English translation)

English translation

The jumble of a great dream

Without a reason, my great dream became a jumble.
I cried so much for it, for unexpected.
If there was a reason, they didn't told me,
the ones who yesterday shared so much with me.
They premeditated to put me away and by knowing it, I went aside.
I sing my reason for who hears it to keep it.
Because here I go again, anew like before.
Many friends grieved by knowing,
that my dream was leaving behind.
While was laughing the dealer reporter,
who always discredits what the creole feels.
Rumoring, dishonoring.
Without stopping to remember the yesterday.
What could be, and what couldn't be.
I keep trying with the heavy metal
to reach to who feels it,
sending my truths to the front.
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El amasijo de un gran sueño

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