Un pinguino en mi ascensor - El Balneario (English translation)

English translation

The spa

I used to be as strong as an oak
but nothing lasts forever
today my body is delicate and sensitive
my health is very rickety.
In this spa
where I came to end my days
my nephew Zacharias insisted
it was the best.
Nothing like hot springs
for my cervical issue
my kidney illness
and my lung cancer.
But in this spa
food is disgusting
nurses are horrible
the service is hellish
And I warned the notary
to disinherit my nephew
this stupid bastard
who put me in this place.
I'm sick of medicinal fountains
of baths in dark springs
of the importance of the salts
of the mineral water without gas.
And every day passing in the spa
my hatred to this ungrateful world grows.
My passion for murder increases
my only desire is to kill
and I know that the sheriff
won't suspect of a poor old man
absorbed to the study of roman laws
and eastern philosophy.
In this clinic
the other waste time playing mus
I check my arsenal and listen to Obús1
to a brutal volume.
In this purgatory
I found my entertainment
the cure for my boredom
killing visitors merciless.
Yesterday I strangled a councilwoman
when she opened the new hall
and I have saved a bullet
for the Health minister.
Blood will run in the spa today.
  • 1. Spanish hard rock band
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