El Cocaino (English translation)

  • Artist: Los Buitres de Culiacan Sinaloa
  • Song: El Cocaino 2 translations
  • Translations: English, German
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The morning arrives and I'm not tired
and I'm snorting a shitload of coke
the days and nights pass on forever
in four days, I still haven't slept.
That's the way I roll
I'm a cokehead and I won't deny it...
I throw parties with my friends1
I live life recklessly
I have nothing to worry about
because up until now
I don't owe nobody nothing2
I do as I please one hundred percent
whenever you want I'll prove it to you.
I'm keeping track of what I've snorted
in the last two weeks I've done a kilo
from that very well known analgesic
I do a lot and I do it frequently
how do I do it? it's really simple
I do four grams a snort.
Let's go to Los Tamarindos
Javier!3 let's go
with the Buitres4!
I'm high as a kite, I don't feel a thing
my whole body is numb and my face too
I've got a nosebleed that never stops
and I've got a damn bad itch
I feel like my throat's drying up
bring me a drink
and make it a Buchanan's5.
Sometimes my friends ask me
if I keep things all to myself
my face is red and my eyes are glassy
and twist all over and I run to one side
and I don't know why
like a madman I argue with everyone
and whoever loses their shit I put them in their place.6
For the people who only criticize me
are envious of me and loose lipped
I want to make this clear
I'm just like Chucky7
the piece I carry at the waist
is trigger happy and easily offended.
I'm already seeing pink elephants
my adrenaline is overflowing
pass me a drink in a bar spoon
the strawberry one will clear me right up
I run, stuttering; sweating profusely
my friend, I'm really high.
And here's a greeting to all of my people
from Twiins8 Culiacan, Sinaloa
people who are full of excitement
and have zero fear!
  • 1. my homies, my guys, my peeps etc.
  • 2. lit. 'don't even owe a peso', peso being the currency.
  • 3. compa' (or compadre) is a way of referring to a friend. Sort of like 'bro'.
  • 4. The name of the band. Buitre means 'vulture'.
  • 5. a brand of liquor
  • 6. whoever loses their cool I calm them down
  • 7. like from the movie Chucky, the character. Who always carries some kind of weapon.
  • 8. a record label
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  • Terminology: lit. (literally), lat. (latin term), pr. (pronunciation). @= a/o (for Spanish translations only, @ can be switched from a feminine or masculine perspective.
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Author's comments:

This was a pain to translate, many thanks to my sister who is far more knowledgeable than me with Spanish slang.


El Cocaino

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