El Dio alto (English translation)

Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)

El Dio alto

El Dio alto con su gracia
mos mande muncha ganancia
non veamos mal ni ansia
a nos y a todo Israel.
Bendicho el Abastado
ke mos dió díya honrado
kada sabat mejorado
a nos y a todo Israel.
Rogo al Dio de contino
ke esté en muestro tino
non mos manque pan ni vino
a nos y a todo Israel.
Vos que sosh Padre rajmán
mandamos el pastor neemán
ke mos sea de buen simán
a nos y a todo Israel.
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Most High God

Most High God with His Grace
will bring us much fortune,
we see not evil nor do we worry,
us and all of Israel.
Blessed is the Almighty,
who gave us the Sabbath day,
each Sabbath better than the last,
us and all of Israel.
I pray to God that He may
remain in our thoughts,
that we may never lack bread nor wine,
us and all of Israel.
O merciful Father
send us your most faithful,
may it be a good sign to
us and all of Israel.
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