EL Hares Allah الحارس الله (English translation)

  • Artist: Tamer Hosny (تامر حسني)
  • Song: EL Hares Allah الحارس الله 3 translations
  • Translations: English, Spanish, Transliteration
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Allah is the gaurdian

May Allah guard you, what is this! mashallah
from the relatives and the strangers and the unknown
and the one who some you next to me and didn't mention the name of allah 1
for the love that brough us together
May allah guard you, what is this! mashallah
from whose coming and who has left and who has his eyes on you
come on, hide in my embrace, I'd sacrifice my soul for you
what else can stop us!
come on come on today is our day and I promise it will be like this everyday
i'd give my life if you accept tomorrow lots of love will come
and step by step we'll build our story while you're next to me we will live our lives
and what has passed and had been lost from our lives we'll love a lot instead of it
when my heart saw you it opened it's door along with the window
it's forgiven for it has waited for you for years and years
a feeling that's been stored and for your eyes it rose immediately
starting tonight my mind will rest, I will be happy for a couple of days
be happy for I am with you and my two eyes are guarding you
and my arms will always embrace you wherever you go
there are words to be said and words that don't need to be rushed
Subhanallah for he has created this beauty and made us lovers
  • 1. As to say bismillah or mashallah.
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EL Hares Allah الحارس الله

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