El Mensajero (English translation)

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The Messenger

I'm running away, escaping
I don't have anything left
My memories are all becoming a blur
In my pain-riddled soul
My heart is beating out of my chest
As if it no longer has a place in me
Chasing after a dream in the distance
Far past the mountains
Grey clouds line the horizon
I'm galloping aimlessly
I ride into a town, with a message
And my saddlebag lit in flames
Without being bothered to take off my hat
I flail my dagger in the air
I hear the faint, soft sound
Of water flowing through pebbles
It flows from places unknown,
From the heart of the Earth
I search for the meadow of white tulips
I hope it's past this canyon
With my face resting on the sand,
And my horse drinking by the river
I just wanna let it all out
I already know that I'll be dreaming of you
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El Mensajero

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