Ignacio Copani - El militante (English translation)

English translation

The militant

Wearing pants with bracers
there goes the resistance militant.
He throws something more than a flyer,
he crawls bleeding by the garbage dump.
Ay ay ay ay… I'll fight and when I return,
I'll heal with my General.
Clubs of important carriage
feels the militant over his head.
Long police club
through the stairways of the college.
Ay ay ay ay… I'll return to the trench
when the Federal police let me go
When the whole America is found
arming it self in "one, two, three, many Vietnams"
Ay ay ay ay…what is expecting us...
The seventies are coming and the Che isn't here.
Light and zeal of student
carries the militant raising his flag.
He goes to the workplace to the school,
he has blind dates on any city.
Ay ay ay ay…The prettiest girl
and the most brilliant of the neighbourhood leave.
I don't know their real names, maybe
I know I'll see them tonight in a bar.
Ay ay ay ay… Sorrowful night
and brothers who never returned.
Sing and hug shiny
new militants by our sidewalk.
They comeback home by home
removing the old thorns of evil.
Ay ay ay ay…The new flowers
like it or not will bloom.
There's no bullet who kills the spring
nor homeland who bears another death.
Ay ay ay ay…There's no reward here.
Poor of who thinks he can climb
Horizontal, with his story and his deliver...
A militant is not a militar.
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El militante

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