El Fary - El Morito Juan (English translation)

English translation

Juan the Moor

I'm a moor from Tangier and I want to introduce myself
a man who neverminds everything they call me Juan the Moor
I have thirty three women like if I was a sultan
to complete the fourty I need seven more.
Oh yes, for Allah sake they call me Juan the Moor
Oh yes, for Allah sake they call me Juan the Moor
I'm a modern moor I like a discotheque
and I drink and get high with my fellas
when I dance with the girls I go half nuts
those modern girls have my brain eaten
I enjoyed so much in Spain when I was there
how pretty are their women ho good is Jerez wine
I'll park my female moors and I'll go to Spain
when I charm them all I'll be the happiest moor.
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El Morito Juan

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