Amancio Prada - El mundo que yo no viva (English translation)

English translation

The world where I don't live

The world where I don't live
I though of it as a weird thing,
like a wonder arch.
Oh, deary me!
Will the rain sound
near the fire in the cold nights?
Will August have boats in the river?
And you the gentle smile?
Will shine in the paper I sow
the black flower of the ink?
Oh, deary me!
Will be possible that friends
come and say "He was
a man and he loved you a lot"
and you say "a lot crying"?
That's the world I don't know,
submerged Atlantis.
Oh, deary me!
There the palms lay
emeralds. There the offsprings
of the dolphin graze emeralds,
there there's no night nor day.
When they milk the flock,
the purple sea becomes sour.
Oh, deary me!
Cleaner than gold water
is the world where I don't live:
theere's no ships for plowing foams
neither plow for the vines;
the great tree gives its fruit
to who says the name of the fruit.
Oh, deary me!
That world isn't mine:
it's yours: the one in your pupils
drowned since always
and doesn't reach my sight.
I'd like to get into that world,
before my time comes.
Oh, deary me!
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El mundo que yo no viva