Maria del Mar Bonet - El pi de Formentor (English translation)

English translation

The Pine Tree of Formentor

My heart loves a tree! Far older than the olive trees,
Far stronger than an oak, far leafier than the orange tree;
It preserves, in its leaves, an eternal Springtime
And it fights against the fierce gusts of wind that hit the seaside
Like a gigantic warrior.
It doesn't seek to adorn its leaves with love-inspiring blossoms;
The waters of the spring don't travel to kiss its comforting shade;
Yet God filled with sweet scents its consecrated crown
And gave to it, as a kingdom, this uninviting mountain range
And gave to it, as a fountain, the boundless sea.
When far away, above the waves, the divine light is reborn
The charming songbird doesn't sing in its branches;
Instead, it can hear the majestic wail of the sea eagle
Or it can feel the giant wing of the vulture
Shake its leaves as it takes flight.
It cannot sustain its life with the poor soils of this land;
It must seek nourishment through the rocks with its powerful roots
And it has rainstorms and the dew and strong winds and burning light
As, like an old prophet, it stays alive and feeds itself thanks to
Heaven's sweet affections.
Sublime tree! It is the very image of intelligence:
It rules over the mountains and watches over infinity;
The earth is harsh to it, but its branches kiss
The sky, which fascinates it; and both the thunderbolt and the breeze
Are a reflection of its glory and the source of its delight.
Oh, yes! When the harsh winds howl in absolute freedom
And it looks like the sea foam will topple the crag where it stands,
It's then that the tree laughs and sings louder than the waves
And, victorious, shakes the clouds that are high in the sky
With its royal mane.
Oh tree! My heart envies you! Throughout this impure world
Like a holy relic, I shall carry your memory.
Fighting endlessly and achieving victory, ruling over the heights
And feeding on the sky and living on nitid light...
Oh, life! Oh, such a noble destiny!
Rise, oh sturdy soul! Slice the fog in two
And set roots high in heaven, like the tree on the rocky outcrops.
You shall see how this world's raging seas fall at your feet
And your peaceful songs will travel with the winds
Like the shearwater that rides the storm...
Like the shearwater that rides the storm... Ah...
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El pi de Formentor

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