Almafuerte - El pibe tigre (English translation)

English translation

The tiger boy

It's morning. And without bailing,
the boy goes on bike to work.
He drank hot bitter mate as breakfast.
He chewed something; lit a cigarette and went.
To earn a bone as a casual worker,
of a foreign boss who buys the country
and melts it after. Making the boy charge the load.
I saw him coming, late and undone.
Of his everyday battle; turned to song.
He smiled entering. He ate food.
He left the earned money on the table, and went to bed.
He prayed God before sleeping
to be hired, obtaining that way
the benefits of being an effective by law.
It's morning. The boy wakes up,
with hopes he goes again.
Pedalling hard, smoking.
His dreams are of welfare, until he sees.
Accreditators, shaking up.
The empty quarters, the cops and the judge.
And those who say that he,
loaded the loot yesterday.
An officer takes the boy
as involved in the jam that exploded
and in his homeland,
the gringo boss lands with the heap.
Go, tell boy! Says the basher.
Where's the loot? Who took it?
Once free he returned, without being the same anymore.
They bashed him, until he fell,
to be kicked, until he died.
The tiger boy, of the Carlos Gardel neighbourhood.
They had a wake for him with the closed coffin
Because he was dismembered as a donor,
The tiger boy, of the Carlos Gardel neighbourhood.
Why is it that this is still possible to happen?
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El pibe tigre

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