El Potro de Sinaloa - Chuy y Mauricio (English translation)

English translation

El Potro de Sinaloa

It was in a Chrysler car
A 300 automobile that Chuy and Mauricio climbed in
Happy and very content
How could they possibly imagine
that they would get off dead
It was 400 pounds of mote that they let go
That they played with destiny
Look how they got rewarded
They gave him ride, despite it all
and he paid them with gunshots.
In the backseat
Death was already planning
to keep the money
y and decided to assassinate them.
Chuy remained in the right side
and Mauricio in the other.
Another tomb in San Ignacio
with two families weeping
Two fans of Canelos de Durango are not there
With jokes and drunken stupors
They barely missed them.
Go to a ranch in Sinaloa
You will never see them again.
Let the Canelos play 'Vida Mafiosa'
If we were happy alive
we will toast to the memories.
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Author's comments:

There were a few awkward sentences and incorrectly written words, hence the slightly odd translation.

Canelos de Durango- Mexican band
Vida Mafiosa- One of their songs; literally translate to 'Mafia Life'


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