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El secreto de las tortugas (English translation)

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The secret of the turtles

I unintentionally lost
The papers you gave me two days ago
Where the recommendations we wrote down
So that everything would be fine were
And now we are in our way to the frontier
Enjoying life little by little
So now I have to find you
And see you so that you can tell me again[1]
And I need a bit of help
A word that will be able to convince me
And when you talk to me, the mountain becomes smaller
And it doesn’t move all the time
We crossed the frontier
Enjoying the full moon sip by little sip
How can I not get soaked
When it never stops raining in here?
It doesn't stop raining here
And if we keep going according to the established plan
We will get tired in no time after we start
We probably won’t find the path
But we will be more than eager to fly
How easy is to get lost while holding hands
Oh gosh, hold on tight!
Because the emptiness of that glass won’t refill
If you don’t want it to
And it happens when we are on our way to the frontier
Poor thing, life is exhausted
But how can I not tire it out
When I never stop running?
I don’t stop running
Let’s improvise a conclusive story line
One that we can’t help but forget
One that will attract all the stars to our path
So that we will always be willing to dream
And it sounds good
It seems like we are finally convinced that
All we have to do is lose speed
We have not been separated since a while ago
There was something we didn’t need when we began to fly, when we began to fly
And we have survived
Even though I’m not sure to what
And we were so lost
That we couldn’t see
The joy that takes fears away
The good times, the sun during January
To see each sun rise with you
While thinking "Dum dee dum dee dum"
Count to 3
I will go first
Because in that way the effect of the shot
Will be more likely to hit the target
And after that you can follow me, slowing down
Looking how the turtle hypnotizes you
And no one will build their path without a bit of luck
Because bad things turn into something good here
A path exists
And you are convinced of that
So start to walk it with me
And we will begin to fly
And we will begin to fly
And no one will build their path without a bit of luck
Because sorrow turns to pieces here
A whole world is waiting
Puppeteer, don’t make it wait
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Author's comments:

[1] So that you can tell me (what the recommendations were) again
(In case there's confusion)

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El secreto de las tortugas

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