Ela pio konta (English translation)

English translation

Come closer

The nights that I get around
The trash around me in piles
Dark souls and dark eyes
I've seen the show before
My life is a lie
and a tear in God's gaze
Come closer, come closer here
But tell me when I will see you again
The nights that I get about
I can't find the solution
And I am looking for a corner in Life
where the frost don't get in
My life is a lie
and a tear in God's gaze...
You are a good-bad girl
Like the one that everyone is looking for
We want to have but how much to put up with
Is enough with kidding
I want to disappear...
Don't confine me
I have all my senses
and that's how I go on, I put up with anything I feel like
I am open to offers
all the shows are over
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Ela pio konta