Ele Manolo (English translation)

English translation

Great Manolo (spanish version)

On a Saint Eugene day
going to el PArddo he met you
and put you as minister
in the Information Ministry
and so in the sixties
little by little and secretly
you filled the whole Spain
you filled the whole Spain
with inns and bikinis
You were enacting press laws and similars
the same as you were washing your boxers in Palomares
Almost every week you were on the NODO
and is that when one worths, he's useful for everything.
Manolo Fraga Iribarne
with that wasp waist, with that highland body
Manolo Fraga Iribarne
with that endless anger that no gipsy dodges
how can you consent that the ones you repressed before
today they occupy your sections and even subsecretaries
Manolo, ay Manolito
get stuck into them, get stuck into them
because Manolo.... you are Spain!
Then you were ambassador
because your thing was diplomacy
and you returned with the bowler
newely converted to democracy
and now you're on the seat
of loyal opposition chief
and you mess with your father
and you mess with your father
for defending the constitution.
How they get wrinkled with that talking that God gave you
all the members in the Representatives congress
Manolin don't hold yourself, Manolin don't restrain yourself
that by walking even the Lions of the Courts tremble
Manolo Fraga Iribarne
You're indeed the greatest, nobody has your calliber
Manolo Fraga Iribarne
look how you changed, defending the free world
you even occupy the street without measure and calmness
demanding for freedom, specially in education.
Manolo, ay Manolito
In the highest nail the spear
Great Manolo, the street is yours!
Manolo Fraga Iribarne
Manolo Fraga Iribarne
All Spain shivers from Almería to Betanzos
when you roar in the courts "How much the chickpeas cost?"
Manolo, ay Manolito
get stuck into them, nail the spear
because Manolo.... Spain is yours!
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Ele Manolo