Elefante (English translation)

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An elephant
Very elegant
The trunk is very long
The trunk is giant
Very long
Uuuu giant
Let me take you to a zoo
Zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo
I will be your black panther
Look at you look at you
You'll be funny with me
I'll take you to the jungle
Jungle la la la la la la
Let's play without clothes
The trunk pa pa pa pa
The trunk pa pa pa pa
Oh we're flying to the party
I like the way you do it
I like it
Oh we're flying from Ukraine
Don't be so stubborn
I need your love
Let's do it
In your car
We'll go to the forest
Where it's really dark
Is it too difficult?
I'm not afraid of high trees
I'm not afraid of picking up mushrooms
I'm not afraid of rude boys
Throw away, throw away, throw away your shields
Look at me
Look, look, look
Feel me
And listen, no lies
Rain forest
I'm not alone
Feel the tropical love
We've got four hours
I like the way you move the trunk
Feel the rhythm of jango bongo
I like the way you kiss the lips
Lets play the game of love, it's our turn
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